Outsourcing Reinvented with UVTechnoLab

Myth 1 – Outsourcing means no transparency

UVTechnoLab Solution:

One of the main concerns that companies working with a remote development team face is that of visibility. There’s nothing they would value more than the opportunity to treat the remote development team like their own and this is what we aim to do. With this in mind:

  • Our customers are in direct touch with the developers working for them at all times whenever needed.
  • Effective communications provide customers complete visibility into the daily activities of each developer.
  • Billed as per your requirement. Either it may fixed rate or hourly.

Myth 2 – Outsourced Teams are Inherently Less Productive

UVTechnoLab Solution:

Many of the customers we have served over the years have been start-ups and from small companies. This has shaped our own delivery approach that helps us service our customers better.

  • Our developers are among the best in the business and amongst the most productive.
  • Developers take complete responsibility for the quality of their code and fix all bugs identified after an independent Quality Audit.
  • Developers get the support and supervision of senior architects, tech leads, QA and IT without the customers having to pay for extra head-count.
  • We aim to deliver value for the money our customers spend.

Myth 3 – Outsourcing Companies cannot help if your needs span many technology areas

UVTechnoLab Solution:

We have expertise in a wide range of technologies in the Enterprise, Web and Mobile Development Practices, business areas and companies with a wide range of technology areas like :

  • Web Technologies – PHP, .NET, Java, Python, ROR and Many More
  • CMS – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and Many More
  • Mobile – iPhone, Android, Cross Platform Mobile App, Mobile Games
  • Microsoft and other Cloud Platforms
  • Other specific functional areas like QA & Testing

Myth 4 – Outsourcing is for the “big guys” – Start-ups & smaller companies struggle for ROI

UVTechnoLab Solution:

We recognize that our customers engage with us because they are looking to solve specific business problems – technology just may happen to be the best available way to do so.

  • Many of our smaller customers value our ability to take complete responsibility for aspects demanding technology expertise while leaving them free to focus their energies on their core business.
  • For our larger customers the focus is on ensuring a positive ROI for the offshore development effort.

Myth 5 – Managing a team at another location is just too difficult

UVTechnoLab Solution:

There is a lot of discussion around software development process. This sometimes draws the focus away from what really matters – the fact that the process in itself does not ensure quality or predictability of delivery.

  • Our belief is that our software development and delivery approach should be geared towards providing our customers the transparency, value and business results they expect from UVTechnoLab.
  • We use a Modified Agile software development process designed to make our customers’ task of managing a geographically displaced development team easy.
  • Ensuring complete visibility to the customers of what their teams are doing at all times by providing them access to our Project Management Tool.


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