Why Don’t I Get Enough Downloads on My Mobile App?

Why Don't I Get Enough Downloads on My Mobile App

In past blog post we’ve discussed some unique mobile app ideas for start-ups. With over 2 million cellular apps in app stores, being considered and downloaded are the real challenges that app builders are going through proper right now. Yes, the competition is high; that’ is why app developers seem to be looking for ways to be on top of the list. And that’s what App Store Optimization is actually for.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the procedure of optimizing mobile applications to rank excessive in-app store’s search consequences for a higher hazard of getting downloaded. Just like the intention of each search engine marketing.

How to Easily Optimize Your Mobile App for App Stores?

So, to help you with optimizing your mobile applications, right here are some aspects that you need to think about reviewing.

Title or App Name

As your app starts off-evolved to be discovered and more excellent people begin recognizing and sharing your app, changing your title may also provide them a tough time finding you. The extraordinary thing to do is to get serious with your keyword research and spend time perception of what your app is all about. Don’t be afraid to simply test a few titles and keywords, however as soon as you see large amplify in traffic and download, then stick to that title.


The description is another section that you can optimize and where you can put the exceptional keywords which apply to your app’s purpose. But always remember that users are humans, and the main reason why they are checking your description is due to the fact they want to make sure that you are precisely what they are looking for. Do not stuff it with keywords.


Whether you are merely starting to construct an app or it is already available in app stores, just as having a list of target keywords is very important. But strive not to guess which keywords to target. To enhance your rankings, it’s beneficial to know the real keywords that customers are searching for. There are plenty of keyword search tools available which can sincerely help you with that. Although this can help you gauge key-word competition and explore extent each for iOS and Google.

You may additionally also use key-word equipment like Google Adwords Keyword Planner, and Keyword Tool, which is generally used for SEO. Keyword research is necessary for coming up with an outstanding title and description; however, keep away from keyword stuffing.


While title and description are both extraordinarily essential components of ASO, icons are, without a doubt, the first issue that customers see. This is one of the main reasons for clicking on your app. Please keep it simple. Don’t put too an awful lot of factors with your icon. You can pick the leading personality (if it’s a game) or your logo for your principal element. Don’t encompass words. An icon is supposed to be an identifier; you shouldn’t need dry words. Always remember that an icon is a graphical representation of a word, idea, concept, or operation. Use soothing color for your background, because your predominant element should be the highlight.


Screenshots are hence meant to show what your app is all about – the experience. If it’s a utility app, you may additionally show off its tools, or the key features. For example, if it is a picture editing app, it will be splendid to include the precise filter and how it appears. If it’s an exercise tool, you may additionally show precisely how it works.

If it’s a sports app, select the most epic scenes, or the most thrilling part of the game. By doing that, you are giving your plausible users a sneak peek, which will help them higher recognize what your recreation is all about.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis, just like with SEO, can honestly help you get a higher appreciation of your competition. Analyze your competitors’ titles, descriptions, as well as keywords, icons, and screenshots. Then ask yourself, “what’s making them rank?”

You don’t have to copy their style; you want to understand what’s keeping them from the top, so that you may additionally follow the identical strategies. It would help if you also got a gist of their weaknesses so that you can avoid them.


You can choose many groups or sub-categories. However, the fact is it’s never a bright element to do. Selecting the most reliable class for your app is an excellent way to reach your target market and to assist customers in having a better sense of what your app is for. Also, deciding on the right class will supply you a higher risk of being in the associated or applicable app part for that category.


We are living upon in a time when human beings are very based on applications, equipment, and software. But with heaps of apps and tools available for us to download, the competition is getting steeper. And it’s not enough that you have a first-rate invention – it has to be discovered!

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