Tips to Optimize Your Website for Conversions

Tips to Optimize Your Website for Conversions

Even though if you have an attractive and best-looking website for your business, it is utterly useless until and unless it is not entirely optimized for the search engines! Search engines big platforms like the Google or Yahoo or Bing are not conscious about what layout your website has and what kind of pictures you have inserted in it. They are just interested in your exciting content, attractive title, keywords and tags.

Right here we are explaining some essential tips about website features, tools and settings which helps to make conversions successful.

Setting the Permalinks

Permalinks are all about the URL of the website pages all along with the posts. In the simple terms, we can call it what users use in their area of the address bars to make your way into your website or the specific website page. This is an important tip which you need to keep in mind. This can often be used by some other websites or even the platforms of the search engines to make it linked to your website. WordPress is readily available with the access to default permalink settings that give you the complete freedom to change it according to your needs and requirements.

Suppose if you are working on blog articles then you must include /blog and then your article name or you can use /category and then article name. This will help to Google to make it differentiate than pages and indexed accordingly. We can follow the same for portfolios or case studies.

Here find some of the ideal SEO URL Structure suggested by Yoast.

  • /%postname%/
  • /%category%/%postname%/

Does the position of keywords in the URL affect ranking? Matt explains this at great length in the following video.

Using Google Analytics

The next tip is all about using Google Analytics. Analytics is basically a valuable tool that has been offered by Google. It is entirely free to use and give you a chance where you can keep a complete track record of your website traffic access. This tool can even help you to figure out your website behavior and different other attributes that play an important to reach your audience. You can track the user behavior by adding some events to find out from where your audience leaving your website. After this tracking, you can make necessary changes accordingly to keep your audience engaged to make successful conversion.

Using SEO Theme Template

Next, we will make you learn about the SEO themes which you can use to give the whole website a powerful and robust setup. Besides choosing a theme that is attractive looking, you should choose a theme template that has been entirely optimized by the SEO platform. Any theme that is optimized by the SEO is based on two main foundations such as speed or the code.

Optimization of Media

Media plays a significant role in making your website prominent looking. It is because of the media that either your website can be successful or it can be a big disaster. How you are adding alt tags in your website and how you are inserting images in it will determine the entire SEO. This is an important tip which you need to keep in mind. Through better series of tagging, you can increase your chances of making your website high rank in the image searches.

Share Your Content All the Time

Make sure you are sharing your content all the time. Making your content shareable is an essential element. This is an important tip which you need to keep in mind. This can often be used by some other websites or even the platforms of the search engines to make it linked to your website. By sharing your content on social media platforms will enable you to let different groups of readers reach on your website quickly and get massive traffic. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are some of the basic platforms which you can avail for this purpose.

Grab the Power of Exciting Storytelling

No single reader can resist itself from reading a story that is based on exciting concepts and story lines. Using the power of story telling you can add the best content in the whiteboard videos. Never make your videos as a medium of just a sale. This is an important element to keep in mind. Your power of storytelling will eventually make the whole video impressive and inspirational looking. Express the story in a way as if you are part of it in reality. The story should be revolving around your audience and their main issues.

Add Traditional Touch in Video

Three essential elements bring a traditional effect in your videos, such as white background settings, constant black drawing, and hand. This is an important element to keep in mind. These are the essential elements that make the whole whiteboard video so much exciting and unusual looking. You can add a recognizable personal touch in your video by adding this video on landing page of your website.

Creating Interesting Animated Characters

Characters are the main thread of your video that adds extra thrill and excitement to your video. They are the ones that enable you to continue your video engagingly. The characters of your video should be represented in a manner that is according to your audience’s requirements so you can easily target them. These animations are the last element to bring personal approaches to your video. Look at our animation portfolio which help you to take reference of characters and animations.

Add Portfolio of Your Past Work

A portfolio is another vital page of your website, which most of the business websites overlook. Some people says it case study as well so don’t be confuse between these two names. This page will hold information about your past work in the form of description, hyperlink of past work and images. You can also add only images of your past work if you don’t have enough information to display. Sometimes you can not include some of your projects in your portfolio because of NDA. You should take permission of every client to consider their project in your portfolio page.

Add Email Newsletter Sign-up option

It is best way to boost up the conversion. It is also helpful for email newsletter sign-ups and clients’ devotion. Email marketing complain proves to be the greatest sharing bridge for black Friday upgrades. The sending email to your clients should have a formal structure instead of irritating advertising content. It should be good looking, stimulating, enlightening, and targeted for the customer.

Use of Call-to-action Buttons

CTA stands for Call-to-action that is used to guide user for some action (i.e. Free Trial, Sales, Contact etc.) CTA Buttons should be eye catching to attract audience to click that action.

Suppose if you are working for subscription based model then CTA button will sure help to get click on TRIAL NOW button. You can replace TRIAL NOW button with SIGN-UP if the trial period has already over.

Add Live Chat Feature in Website

According to a recent survey, it has been reported that including a live chat feature on the website will enable the company to increase their conversions to around 20%. We all know that speed is the king inside the digital world. When any consumer is interacting with the brand through an online medium, they expect to get a response in just one hour. According to recent research, it takes around an average time of 10 hours to respond to any customer service on social media. This can even take the time of 12 hours through mail access. By having a live chat feature, you can quickly get a response in just 2-3 minutes.

By adding a live chat feature on your website, you can eventually create trust with pre-sales questions. You can give your consumers a feel of confidence where they can ask as many questions as they want to and get a complete prompt response. In the absence of live chat, it becomes a lot intricate for the business owners to establish a trust and credibility relationship among old and new customers.

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