Custom WordPress Theme vs. Prebuilt WordPress Theme: What’s Right for You?

Custom WordPress Theme vs Pre Built WordPress Theme

When it comes to best building a website, your design matters a lot! Luckily, if you select WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS), format and performance go all hand-in-hand. Of the 172 million active websites as online today, seventy-five million of these are using WordPress. As a WordPress website owner, you will rapidly recognize you have some selections to make about your design. Namely, do you choose a WordPress theme or a customized internet design? In this whole guide, we will discuss the pros and cons of both so you can determine what is the quality of your needs, budget, and audience!

Why Your WordPress Design Matters?

What is so essential about design? When has Google already proven they choose user performance, website speed, and so on, why hassle and stressful about the design? As we said before, the design will usually matter. In fact, 38% of users will cease interacting with an internet site that is not attractive. That’s no longer something you can come up with the money for if you are trying to encourage users to engage with your own content and convert to customers.

WordPress Theme vs. Custom Web Design

According to the recent study from the Adobe, if given 15 minutes of time, 59% of users will examine or browse via something fantastically designed instead than undeniable and boring. This might sound shallow, however it makes sense. Good plan is sincerely more trustworthy and enjoyable. It suggests that the business takes itself significantly and yet professionally.

When you invest in web design, you help your designed website stand out, resonate with the right audience, and have interaction with users. The proper website design additionally consists of branding elements, making it greater memorable. Design and function are not jointly exclusive yet they are two elements or faces of the same coin. With WordPress, you have almost two primary options for designing your website such as the use of a theme or a customized design. Now, let’s discover the variations between these choices as soon as and for all.

Pros & Cons of WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is yet a pre-made design that was all the more created especially to work with the whole WordPress platform. There are both paid and yet free themes, and they are priced to fit any budget. Themes nowadays have come a long way. Though the time period itself might evoke the thinking that these are cookie-cutter designs, that couldn’t be in addition from the truth. WordPress topics come geared up with a range of points in a range of patterns to swimsuit simply about any need.

What are the advantages of WordPress theme?

  • Significantly cheaper : When it comes to the cost, you can’t beat the use of a theme. Most paid themes are priced anywhere between the $10 – $100, and this makes them a magnificent healthy for groups of all sizes.
  • Customizable : Despite the concept that these are one-size-fits-all solutions, they are exceptionally customizable. You’ll probably have the freedom to trade things like font, textual content size, layout, colors, and extra to brand your internet site to your needs.
  • No skills wanted : WordPress themes require no coding or sketch skills.
  • Faster : Installing the WordPress theme is as easy as a few clicks. Once you customize your theme, you are exact to go in a count number of minutes.
  • Scalable : Because WordPress issues are designed to work shortly and with a variety of websites, they are easy to scale. You can hence easily add new pages and content material without stressful about creating new designs.
  • Long-term support : Finally, most topics (especially paid themes) come with long-term developer aid besides any more cost. That ability you don’t have to fear about WordPress updates or changes negatively impacting your website.
  • SEO friendly : Most WordPress topics come with ready-made search engine optimization solutions. And even if the whole theme you choose isn’t absolutely optimized for SEO, there are tons of magnificent website positioning plugins reachable for WordPress.

What are the cons of using WordPress theme?

  • Not customized : While there are so many customization options, you are eventually sure to the theme’s factors and layout in many ways. If you want complicated features or customization, you will need to do this yourself.

Pros of WordPress Custom Designs

  • Built for your desires : These customized designs are constructed with your website in mind, now not the other way around. They will be exceedingly functional, and they will include all of the extra features you in all likelihood won’t discover in a theme.
  • Unique : Assuming nobody copies your design, these customizations will be definitely unique, helping brand your website.
    Cons of WordPress Custom Designs
  • Expensive : As you may expect, these customized designs do not come cheap. Hiring a internet developer or fashion designer can price you a number of hundreds of dollars. You may have to proceed paying in the future for additional guide as well, as an alternative than paying a single rate for a theme once.
  • Take longer : Custom designs take a lot longer time to build. You can’t download them on demand, and you should anticipate spending weeks or even months ready for a final design.

Which Design Option is Right for You?

Now that you completely understand the pros and cons of each, which option is right for your website? Like most things, there are a number of factors to consider like your cutting-edge budget, time restraints, and your man or woman website needs.

Ultimately, the best-fit option for most WordPress websites is to choose a theme that you can customize to your liking. This alternative is affordable, fast, and accessible. Even if you assume you may need extra options, later on, it is probable smarter to start with a theme and then determine precisely what you would possibly want from a customized layout later on.

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