List of Unique Mobile App Ideas for Start-ups

Have you been thinking about starting a new mobile app? Do you want your app to be completely different and unique from the existing apps in the technology world? In 2019, the concept of starting any start-up mainly depends on the individual and creative idea which you encounter. A mobile app is gradually designed to meet up with the daily need and requirements of the people. Users are always looking for those apps which can save their precious time and cut down the costs as well.

Creating a mobile app might sound simple, but that’s not true at all! There are quite a few essential prerequisites which you need to keep in mind before you design any innovative mobile app. So right here we are sharing a list of top best mobile app ideas out of which you can choose the best one for a successful start-up:

Health check-up and food planner app

The first app which we are about to discuss is related with the health checkup and food planner. This app can be used by individuals who are diet conscious and wants to stay healthy. This app can give you daily updates about your health and make you learn about your regular healthy diet plan routine planner.

Railway tracking app

If you are traveling through railway transportation and you need to keep a complete track record of railway services, then having railway tracking app is the best option for you. It can let you know about the entire schedule of the railway in your region.

Scan and convert to PDF app

There are quite a few apps for scanning and converting the PDF documents. Designing one such app for the students can be a lot successful for the start-up. Hence through such apps, students or even the business officials will be able to scan as well as convert the PDF files/folders in less time and with no stress.

Language learning app

Learning a completely new language can be a lot daunting and stressful for some of the people. But you can make this whole process stressful for you by using a creative mobile app. This is one of the best mobile application ideas to design right now for letting the users have complete freedom over language learning. It is essential to keep the app in clear words for better understanding.

Voice translation app

Language translation application which is quite a unique idea to talk about! This application will be helping out in translating all the spoken words of any person in a complete real-time. Hence the user will be finding it a lot convenient to understand various languages. You can consider it for creating a mobile application.

Mall navigation map

It’s time to start a map which is all about map navigation! In this application, the users will be able to navigate any location easily with this app. You need to keep the map easy to understand and must be in the simple, friendly interface to make the navigation process easy to perform.

Food recommendation app

To let the people around you eat healthy and nutrition-based food items, choosing food recommendation app is the ultimate option for you. Having a food recommendation app will be giving a complete edge of information about all the necessary food guidelines which you can eat throughout the whole day.

Parking space finder app

Next, we have the idea of parking space finder app for the start-up! As it is evident from the name that this parking space finder application will enable you to find a parking space to the specific area where you are traveling! You can make your app friendly for the users by adding a parking book advance feature in it.

Drink Water Reminder app

Water is a lot essential for daily use and keeps the body fresh and clean. But when you are a lot busy with your daily routine, you might forget to drink water. Having drink water reminder app will remind you about the time in which you have to drink water. You can also add a feature in your app in which you can let the users calculate the amount of water they have consumed at the end of the day.

Pregnancy helper app

Lastly, we have pregnancy helper app! This app will be a lot helpful for the pregnant ladies in terms of learning some necessary precautionary measures and how to take care of their baby. You can make the extra app creative by including some pregnancy fitness plans and exercises in it.


So these have been few of the top best and amazing mobile app ideas for the startup to choose the best one for creating a successful app. All the apps which we discussed right here are quite interesting and are helpful for the ordinary people.

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