New Year Holiday eCommerce Website Checklist to Boost Sales

New Year Holiday eCommerce Website Checklist to Boost Sales

Last month, Deloitte predicted that in these holidays, online sales would extend from the rate of 14-18%, as compared to 2018. These holiday sales will grow to more than $1.1 from November to January. In 2018, a fashion merchant website offered the same TGIF 50% off the seal on Black Friday. The income of an eCommerce player in such holidays relies on their preparation for the next assault. Here are some eCommerce website specification ideas to make this holiday period more gorgeous in income revenue:

Improve Your Website Loading Speed

The most important factor in capturing the attention of your customers is the easy and fast loading of your website. If the loading of pages is fast, your customer will be happy to visit it. There are more chances to stay your visitor there and look into it. Throughout your holidays, make sure that your website page’s loading will have half a second to decide the visitor.

Prepare for Enough Back-end Support

Suppose more than 63% of extra visitors will come to your website in the holiday period. The extra traffic will help with back end support for it. Start your readiness for eCommerce holidays as soon as possible for those who have already plans for their searching. It will support your customers to visit you and learn about your next sales. At the same time, make sure that your customers will receive the required awareness and planning from there.

Monitor Your Website’s Analytics

Generally, you observe the analytics of your website. But before and during the holiday timeframe, you must have to check, analyze, and draw the interpretations through your Google Analytics reports. Before the holiday session, make sure the attractive design and catchy material through the observation of your analysis report. In this way, the past data report supports you to track sales tendencies. Even, you can also analyze the markdowns for suggested sales through machine learning. The gained capacity on the products will create an effective ROI. The combination of an effective structure with suggested modeling supports you to get it rapidly. You have to put it on your holiday eCommerce website worksheet.

Attract Traffic by Promoting Holiday Specific Offers

Just keep it in mind the supposed traffic for your holidays. The work for it will create an effective impact on your customers. You must have to be careful about the selection of holiday period policy. It will be a great source to increase the sale of your eCommerce store.

Prepare Your Email Marketing Campaigns

It is the easiest way to boost up the sales. It is also helpful for email newsletter sign-ups and clients’ devotion. Email marketing complain proves to be the greatest sharing bridge for black Friday upgrades. The sending email to your clients should have a formal structure instead of irritating advertising content. It should be good looking, stimulating, enlightening, and targeted for the customer.

Promote and Advertise on Social Media

Social media is the sharpest way for enlarging sales and attracting a huge audience. You should have to advertise your holiday offers before seven days of it. Make your best effort to advertise your offers through the social media platform. Furthermore, you can also include videos in your social media advertising plan for the people to have a good look at your holiday proposal. As video creation proves to be an eye-catching content to grab the attention easily.

Make the Shopping Process Easier for Your Customer

Make sure your availability and 24/7 customer support. Because when you are not available, it will leave a bad impression on your customer. They may have several alternative options to make their purchase. They will also hardly try to think of coming to you for their shopping. So always try to make an easy shopping procedure for your customers that they would always prefer you for their shopping.

Easy Checkout Process

Try to offer your customers a reliable choice, difference, and settlement. The easy check out procedure will make better the overall experience of your customers. You can also put the detail of credit or debit cards for quick and simple transaction procedures.

Clear Shipping & Delivery Expectations

If you are offering delivery services, noticeably mention it on your website. And if you are charging for delivery, try to state and mention a reasonable price for it.

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