How to Create an Impressive About Page for Your Business

How to Create an Impressive About Page for Your Business

It’s the age of internet and almost every other business has taken up themselves onto this phenomenon called the internet, and there is a big reason behind this trend too, first the Users. There are more people on internet as of now than there have been ever, second its almost next to free to do business online. You can start your business online with almost nothing and with right struggle and hard work can grow it into a multi-millionaire company, and its not a fairy tale it’s a fact, sort of a new norm of these days. Now, the basic way to do business online is to open an online store where you can sell your products or can facilitate the sale as a third party or the other way which is also the most opted method is that you can set up a website. The later is widely used and there are some solid reasons behind it too. On a website you can sell your products just like you can on an online store but what actually makes a website different from the store and makes it takes the precedence over store is its ability or functionality to offer services too. You can set up a website and sell products or you can even sell services too.

Visitor vs Client

After you have set up a website and started your business the first point of order should be to attract clients. And in the world of internet there are two types of clients, the regular clients or the visitors and one-time clients. Stats have shown that the online websites or business with regular clients or the visitors are more likely to succeed then the ones without these sorts of clients. There is a famous line on the web, “you don’t need new clients, you need to keep the ones you already have” and this is absolutely true, business now is investing a lot to keep their regular clients and to convert the one timer into permanent visitors. This is being achieved through many techniques but there is another technique too that’s being neglected by many or haven’t be talked about a lot and that is maintain a good ABOUT US page.

You must’ve heard or better still, seen it by yourselves once in a while visiting a website, it’s the small section of the website that’s being displayed at the bottom in some corner where no one ever goes, yet its one of the most important part of the website. The ABOUT US page includes the all-important information about the Website, its services, the people running it, their motive, achievements and pretty much any thing that can enhance the customer into coming back to the site. But not all ABOUT US pages are that good or attractive and may be that’s the reason why they are so forgotten about but what if they were that good to brought the customer back, what will it take to make that attractive ABOUT US page? Let’s see our research below.

Short Description About You & History of Your Company

At the first impressions, you must start with short description about you and your role in the company. After that, you can start with history of the company. Here, we can show history with yearly time-line starting from past to the present. While writing the history, you can include your services offered in past and offering in the present. So, your customer can get an idea about your company growth and performance. They will also aware of that you are offering the trending services at present.

Reveal your services

It’s now has become a trend to put up Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct in About US page, frankly no one reads them and that’s not why someone comes to a About us page. When someone clicks the About us page that would automatically suggest that they want to know more about you so you must honor their will and should try to reveal yourself as much as you can, tell them about how this particular service or brand came into life. An About US page must have these sorts of Expose so their clients would feel like they are dealing with real people and not some Bots.

Share Reviews & Feedback

This is the most important thing and a compulsory information that a website particulate its About Us page should have, it’s the Reviews and feedbacks from real people. Any one who would be visiting your site for the first time would love to see people sharing their experiences with you and that could really help you develop your trust amongst the first-time customers and can also convert that one timer into regular visitors.

Contact Information

Many or almost every other ABOUT US page is so formal and contains information that is of no use to its customers. Many websites will put up information like Report a bug or Report a problem in the About US page but its not what the user wants to see in an About us page, so that’s why the page should be user friendly and should contain information that is of some worth to the user. That information could be your Emails, your contact numbers, your Address, information about your services or brands, something that will engage a response from the user so he could directly patriciate with you, make it about the user not the Formalities.

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