Increase Website Conversions With Live Chat

Increase Website Conversions With Live Chat

When you are communicating with your clients about how you can increase their online presence, the first thing which they will mention is about getting high website traffic. Gaining website traffic is always their priority in building a robust social presence. You might think that to acquire high traffic on your website, and you need to build a strong strategy for online traffic. But that’s not all! You also need to look for the way right through which you should be engaging the visitors as they step towards your website and take benefit of your services/products.

If you want the upcoming new visitors to know about your brand and its services, then getting into communication with them should be your priority. Communication is the best channel right through which you can build a strong relationship with your customers no matter whether they are old or new. When new visitors are coming on your website, they might have specific questions about your company services or products. You can make the whole process of communication easy and effortless through the live chat. This will be allowing you to connect yourself with the customers who are genuinely having a great interest to know about your business more.

It would not be wrong to say that having a live chat feature on your business website will be a worthwhile investment for your sales growth. Right here, we are explaining some of the primary reasons why you should be having a live chat on your business website:

1. Increases Conversions

According to a recent survey, it has been reported that including a live chat feature on the website will enable the company to increase their conversions to around 20%. We all know that speed is the king inside the digital world. When any consumer is interacting with the brand through an online medium, they expect to get a response in just one hour. According to recent research, it takes around an average time of 10 hours to respond to any customer service on social media. This can even take the time of 12 hours through mail access. By having a live chat feature, you can quickly get a response in just 2-3 minutes.

2. Saves Money

  • Making your customer support service reliable and robust for the customer’s needs a considerable sum of investment.
  • If you are entirely relying on the call centers to handle the emails or calls, then you need to invest great money.
  • By using a live chat feature will save your maximum money and time.
  • One team member has the capacity of handling at least six live sessions of chat online.

3. Builds Trust with Pre Sales Questions

By adding a live chat feature on your website, you can eventually create trust with pre-sales questions. You can give your consumers a feel of confidence where they can ask as many questions as they want to and get a complete prompt response. In the absence of live chat, it becomes a lot intricate for the business owners to establish a trust and credibility relationship among old and new customers.

4. Increases Order Value

Without the feature access of live chat, you are not having a piece of opportunity where you can communicate with your prospective buyers related to their needs as they will be visiting your website. In simple terms, you are leaving money straight on the gable without the use of any tool.

5. Leads to More Satisfied Customers

  • We are wholly committed in terms of developing the digital marketing strategies which will be giving your brand a prominent look towards your audience.
  • Hence the type of service you are giving to your customers will be leaving a lasting impression on them.
  • If you want to improve your customer service and make it a reliable notch for them when choosing a live chat feature on your website is a lot important.
  • Live chat plays an essential role in increasing customer satisfaction as compared to other tools of social media or emails.


So these have been few primary and common reasons which will let you know about the actual importance of live chat feature for your business website growth. If your website is still not having a live chat feature, then without wasting any time, add it now!

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